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It’s been heart-warming to receive so much support and many good wishes from parents and students during the corona virus lockdown period . I am deeply appreciative of your sentiments and in turn wish everyone continuing good health and well-being.

Wishing all you wonderful people

a very happy Christmas!

...and a happy, healthy, successful 2021.


Press Releases

Penrith Star
3 February 2011
"Melissa living her musical dream"

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Penrith Star

Blue Mountains Gazette
9 May 2012

Penrith Press
18 June 2012











Suzanne Cooper


On the performance of the complete BEETHOVEN LISZT SYMPHONY NO. 5

  • An absolutely wonderful concert by an extremely dedicated and gifted performer. These KEYNOTES Recitals have truly enriched my life! C.B. 30/03/14
  • Magnificent performance! So moving, absolutely wonderful. Thank you! M.B. 30/03/14
  • The Gewandhaus Gewitter! Liszt would be very pleased today. Big Congrats! D.G. 30/03/14


  • KEYNOTES is no ordinary exposé. One is totally immersed as Suzanne draws a musical picture....It is a magical, musical moment. C.K. 2012
  • In KEYNOTES, Suzanne has “ an extraordinary capacity to bring a unique understanding and interpretation to each work..” D.M. 2012
  • PIANO BOOT CAMP  “has been such a great experience for me. Thank you so much Suzanne!” A.P. Jan. 2012
  • PIANO BOOT CAMP “ was a very different and new experience for me. I found it fun  tackling the challenges. I feel I did my best.” B.K Jan. 2012.
  • PIANO BOOT CAMP “was a great experience. We learnt to work together and gained more theory knowledge!” Z.T. Jan. 2012
  • PIANO BOOT CAMP “I very much enjoyed BOOT CAMP and feel as though it has improved my playing and given good clues as to how to practise in the year ahead.” S.B. Jan. 2012
  • ...her playing is top class ...I find her inspirational.
    J.C. Music Chat 2010
  • ...So inspirational and informative! I leave feeling nourished and curious...Suzanne’s knowledge is so extensive and her playing just beautiful. Music Chat. E.C. 2010



  • I loved the passion – Alissa
  • It was like watching a female Beethoven – Brodie
  • Inspiring; we were all high off the music – Aiden
  • Amazing – Charlotte
  • It made me realize the importance of practice – Chelsea
  • It made me feel as if anything is possible – Jono
  • Her commitment to music was inspiring – Adrienne
  • Suzanne taught me that you start off small and just get better - Laura


  • “……thank you Suzanne for being an absolute inspiration…your passion was ever present day one…anyone who has the fortune of working with you should savour each moment and fully immerse themselves in your expertise, knowledge and wisdom.” A.G. (H.S.C. student 2008)
  • “Thank you for working with our son…it has been wonderful to witness his growth both musically and personally…your passion for music, motivation and caring, compassionate nature….brought out the best…” L.G. (parent feedback 2008)
  • I feel H. has excelled this short time with Suzanne. She has really found a connection…. We appreciate Suzannes’ unbelievable attention to detail, patience and time devoted to each student….N.L. (parent feedback 2008) It is always a pleasure to learn with Suzanne. I always feel confident and professional…..Thank you for helping me be who I am today. L.H. (student 2008)

Winter Piano Teachers’ Festival
2007 Evaluation Comments - Most beneficial aspects of the Festival

  • “ Suzanne Cooper was very interesting” would like “follow up”.
  • “The performance of Clara Schumann with Suzanne Cooper
  • “Ideas for approaching music of Clara Schumann”
  • “Having lecturers who were inspiring – in particular Suzanne Cooper
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